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Over Ruzzlecheater

Tired of losing?

Ruzzlecheater is a handy tool to win against your friends in Ruzzle, previously named Rumble. It is completely free for personal use. It was coded by an individual developer (me, obviously) as a hobby project and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Ruzzle (tm), Rumble or MAG Interactive.

Cheating is no fun :(

Sorry. As long as there are games, there will be cheaters. Here at Ruzzlecheater, we encourage cheating. Let's beat those freaky intelligent Ruzzle nerds!

I like Ruzzlecheater!

If you like Ruzzlecheater, please support me by sharing it with your friends or getting the Android App in Google Play. It's only $1!

Do you have a suggestion, feedback or simply would like to do some small talk? Contact me at info@ruzzlecheater.com